Posted on June 2, 2014 at 2:38 pm

WWDC 2014 Announcements!

Wow,  how utterly underwhelming!  However, I’m sure the fanboys are all clamoring to the blogs to extol the greatness of Apple.  Here are some of the ‘announcements':

  • Mac OS X 10.10 will be called Yosemite (woohoo).  It will have an amazing feature of having semi-transparent menus and window borders.  Um, this was called Aero and was in Windows Vista (released 5 years ago).  Nobody liked it, so it was removed in Windows 7.  Let me guess–now it is something really cool
  • iOS 8 will now allow apps to communicate with one another.  Again, something that both Android and Windows Phone have had…but somehow now it will be trendsetting…
  • iOS 8 will have widgets…something Windows and Android have had from the start…but again…wow…yay for Apple
  • iOS 8 will let you install a different keyboard…sorry to sound like a broken record here, but something that has been around forever (in tech terms).

Once again, Apple ‘announces’ nothing, but gets credit for everything…so tired of this…and extremely tired of tech blogs succumbing to the Kool-Aid ingestion…very disappointed in both Ubergizmo and Gizmodo…both had live blogs/streams of WWDC but basically ignored Microsoft’s announcements regarding the new Surfaces…which are actually exciting from a tech perspective…

….heavy sigh….

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As a lifelong educator, I have worked extensively with both Macs and PC's. In addition, the last 26 years have been spent in the area of technology consulting, hardware repair, networking, database development and the like. Through these many different roads, I have come to have a high level of distain for the blind followers of all things Apple. Please do not assume that I am a blind follower of MS either. I have found that in dealing with most Apple users, the concept of logic is quickly pushed aside and in its place is a radical, cultish defense of all things Apple.