Posted on June 27, 2014 at 9:03 am

Do Apple Products ever Fail?

Well, my daughter is getting ready to go out on her own, and the first thing she wants to do is buy an iPhone.  At times, I feel like such a failure as a parent :) .  Why is she considering such heresy in our house?

  • ‘All my friends have iPhones and they never break or have problems’
  • ‘My phone sucks’
  • ‘Calls drop and texts don’t go through’

Now, understand that we have Sprint, which isn’t known for it’s excellent coverage or service.  Also, my daughter has dropped her phone multiple times, cracked the screen, but refuses to get a new phone (even though it is under warranty, something I pay for every month).  The reason?  It’s too hard to re-setup the phone…

Now, on to the actual topic of this post.  Apple users seldom talk about problems with their products.  Some might claim this is because the products are superior.  However, having worked in tech consulting, repair, and troubleshooting for nearly 30 years, I know that is NOT the reason.  Instead, the truth of the matter is based on several different criteria:

  • Apple has things so locked down that, yes, they don’t “break”, but they also only allow you to do what they (Apple) want you to do.  The amazing feat of Apple here is that they have you convinced that what you want to do is what they allow you to do…
  • If things actually do ‘break’, most Apple users will not admit it, since that would then show that there is a chink in the proverbial armor.  Instead, they reboot, re-start, etc.  Granted, Android and Windows phone users have to do this as well, but since they aren’t tied to their device emotionally, they are willing to complain, rant, etc, which then just gives the Apple Fanboys more ammo…
  • The Genius Bar fixes everything.  Maybe, maybe not.  First, you have to find one.  Second, you have to make an appointment.  Third, you better still be under warranty or not have ’caused’ the problem.   Honestly, there are more people out there that can help you with Android or Windows, but the Apple users don’t want to admit there is a problem, so they only go to the Apple store, where they feel ‘at home’.

If/when my daughter actually gets her iPhone, I know she will NEVER admit that anything actually doesn’t work.  It will be better because she will be going to Verizon, which has a much better coverage area at her college than Sprint.  So, yes, she will have a better experience with her iPhone, but from a scientific aspect, we have multiple variables changing, one of which will have a much greater impact than just getting an iPhone.

In my position as a tech helpdesk at a company with nearly 300 computers, where 30 of them are Apple, the number of service requests that are Apple based is dis-proportionate to the number of actual devices.  We are currently running about 50% of the requests are Apple based, while their install percentage is only 10%.

So, do Apple products fail? Absolutely!  Will Apple users admit it?  Absolutely not.

EDIT: Well, I took my daughter to the phone store and told her she could get her cherished iPhone if she wanted.  I only gave her the following guidelines:

  • if an iPhone, she had to pay for it
  • if an iPhone, all her current chargers (of which she has MANY) would be rendered useless and SHE would have to buy new ones.
  • No removable battery, no SD card slot

The salesperson(s) at Sprint was AWESOME!  Two of them tag teamed us in showing how much better the Samsung S5 was than the iPhone, even to the point of dropping his own into a glass of water.  I kept my mouth shut, so she wouldn’t later say I had forced her to get the Samsung.

Well, she got the S5 and LOVES it.  She has converted several of her hipster iPhone-loving friends to be S5 followers as well.

Whew, dodged that bullet! :)


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As a lifelong educator, I have worked extensively with both Macs and PC's. In addition, the last 26 years have been spent in the area of technology consulting, hardware repair, networking, database development and the like. Through these many different roads, I have come to have a high level of distain for the blind followers of all things Apple. Please do not assume that I am a blind follower of MS either. I have found that in dealing with most Apple users, the concept of logic is quickly pushed aside and in its place is a radical, cultish defense of all things Apple.