Posted on October 3, 2014 at 8:45 pm

Stop it Already!!

Ugh, now there is the hype of yet another Apple Event for October.  Shouldn’t things that happen so frequently lose their appeal?  We have to deal with WWDC in the summer, we just survived the joyous iPhone Event, and now we have to suffer through the rumors, hype, and Apple Polishing leading up to the October event.

In my previous post, I spoke of a double-standard regarding failures of software/hardware.  There also seems to be a double-standard in the acceptance of frequency of updates/upgrades.  Microsoft updates their software once every two to three years, and are mocked by the Apple users for how stupid MS is in doing that so frequently.  Apple is still on OSX, but they use some obscure numbering system so we are on something like 10.9.5…somehow it’s ok if you keep the first number the same and just add a bunch of decimal points and digits.

So, the next event seems to be iPad based…yay…just what we need, another overpriced, underpowered hipster toy.

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As a lifelong educator, I have worked extensively with both Macs and PC's. In addition, the last 26 years have been spent in the area of technology consulting, hardware repair, networking, database development and the like. Through these many different roads, I have come to have a high level of distain for the blind followers of all things Apple. Please do not assume that I am a blind follower of MS either. I have found that in dealing with most Apple users, the concept of logic is quickly pushed aside and in its place is a radical, cultish defense of all things Apple.