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Here are some links to my favorite sites regarding:

  • marketshare
  • parodies
  • truth about Macs…


To check the current Marketshare of Mac computers (from a site NOT owned by Apple or subsidiary)

OS MarketShare


Fun Parody Videos…

iPhone 5S



Conan iPad 2

Apple Driverless Car

New MacBookAir – probably my new favorite! ¬†Hits on so many points…

Ok, not really a parody, but a Windows tablet commercial that points out some major ‘shortcomings’ of the iPad…




As a lifelong educator, I have worked extensively with both Macs and PC's. In addition, the last 26 years have been spent in the area of technology consulting, hardware repair, networking, database development and the like. Through these many different roads, I have come to have a high level of distain for the blind followers of all things Apple. Please do not assume that I am a blind follower of MS either. I have found that in dealing with most Apple users, the concept of logic is quickly pushed aside and in its place is a radical, cultish defense of all things Apple.